Brady vs. Rodgers Debate: My Take

        Oh, the debate. Especially lately this has been a really hot topic because both Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers were in the playoffs and had a shot to face each other in the Super Bowl. Instead, Rodgers went home along with a banged up Green Bay team after a 44-21 loss to the Atlanta Falcons and Tom Brady advanced to his 7th Super Bowl with a 36-17 win over the Steelers.

Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are considered to be top quarterbacks of the NFL. (AP Images)

        First let start off by saying this, they are both unbelievable quarterbacks. Tom Brady is just a straight up winner and proves it year after year even at age 39. And Aaron Rodgers is a magnificent talent and it makes me wonder what the 49ers saw in Alex Smith over him. But regardless, they are fantastic and both franchises they play for are extremely respected partly because what they’ve managed to do. But I give you my argument for both players and my opinion at the end.

Argument for Aaron Rodgers:

When the Packers drafted Rodgers it was kind of a shock for the Green Bay fans. Was the Brett Farve era really coming to an end? But, The Packers really liked Rodgers and were fortunate the 49ers picked Alex Smith with the first pick over Rodgers, who Aaron Rodgers himself actually thought were going to pick him. Brett Farve announced his retirement after the 2007 season and in came Aaron Rodgers, who exceeded expectations. He threw for over 4,000 yards his first season and while the Packers did not make the playoffs, good things were to come for the young quarterback.

Since that season, Rodgers has led the Packers to 8 straight playoff appearances, won 2 MVPs, went to a super bowl and WON it. He has played at least 15 games in all but one season. And in 2011, he set the record for the best QB rating in a season of all time with a 122.5. I could throw out his stats all day long, but by now you get it. The guy is unbelievable and his talent is off the charts. He is actually better outside the pocket and creating plays, as evidenced by his throw to Jared Cook in the 2016 Divisional Playoffs against the Dallas Cowboys to get his kicker Mason Crosby in range to win the game.

(Getty Images)

Argument Against Brady:

A lot of people have claimed the only reason Brady wins so much is his defense. He is coached by the greatest coach in football history in Bill Belichick. People have also claimed that the Patriots would be good even without Brady. Brady has been to 7 Super Bowls and only once has he not had a top 10 defense on those teams. And while Brady has been excellent, his defense has been nearly as good.

Also, Rodgers has never had a good defense besides his 2010 Super Bowl season when they were ranked in the top 5. So that is just a testament to how good he has been and how hard his success has been to achieve. And this year, Rodgers’ whole team was banged up, especially his receivers and ended up with a receiver as a running back by the end of the year.

 Argument For Brady:

Everybody knows the story. Brady was passed over in the draft time after time. Even the Patriots passed him over 6 times until selecting him in the seventh round of the draft. The rest is now history, as Brady is going to his seventh super bowl.. Talk all you want about how Brady plays for Belichick and how he is a product of the system but you are just being ignorant. Brady not only has the stats to back it up but he also has the hardware with 2 MVPs and 4 super bowl titles. The man can flat-out play football.

Aaron Rodgers may move better than Brady, but what people don’t look at is Brady has the faster release time from snap to throw in the history of the NFL. So he doesn’t really have time to run out of the pocket, and if he did he wouldn’t get very far. But he can also sit back in the pocket and pick your defense apart if he has too. He has done it before as evidenced by past games against my Baltimore Ravens in the playoffs and this past year throwing for over 400 yards.

(AP Images)

Argument Against Rogers:

 Aaron Rodgers has only been to one super bowl. One. He did win the one super bowl he visited, but the year he won it, his defense was ranked in the top 5 of the NFL. So if you’re going to argue about Brady needing is defense to win, bring up Rodgers too. Rodgers has also had a lot more weapons that Tom Brady has ever had. Rodgers has had players like Greg Jennings, Jermichael Finley, Jordy Nelson, and Randall Cobb. Tom Brady has Rob Gronkowski, but he has only played a full 16 games twice in his career. His receiving core right now consists of a former college lacrosse player and undrafted free agent, Chris Hogan, a former quarterback in college, Julian Edleman, and Martellus Bennett.

Tom Brady has never had a great receiving corps like Rodgers has had every year. While they both make the players look better than they are, Rodgers players are just purely better. With the exception of this year when about his whole team was injured, Rodgers has always had plenty of weapons to win with. Brady has one, if he plays.

My opinion:

When comparing two players at the same position with very similar stats, it always comes down to championships. That is the same for basketball. Not necessarily baseball because one player can’t make others around him better. But Brady has been to now 7 super bowls, winning 4 and a chance to take his fifth. Regardless of what you think, winning matters more than anything, and Brady is a winner. He also has the stats to back up all the hardware and come up with all the excuses you want, but Brady is the biggest reason the Patriots win like they do. Brady is the best, and when his career is over he will go down as the best to ever do it. I don’t see anybody taking that crown from him in the near future either.


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