Why Finding the Church Fit For You Is Essential:

Let me get this out-of-the-way: I realize that we are worshiping the same Christian God, we are all apart of the same family. That is great and in the end it really doesn’t matter what church we went to as long as we were worshiping God and gave your life to him. My point here is that you need to feel comfortable in the denomination you are in. Whether you are Catholic, Methodist, Southern Baptist, ect. You need to really think about what church you want to be apart of because it is really important in your walk of faith and growing relationship with God.

If you are Catholic, you need to be okay with doing the same things every week and having a less energetic service. Catholic churches are very formal and don’t go away from their routine. We have done the same thing for years and me personally, I love it. I love knowing what we are doing every week and I feel very comfortable with the church I go to and the priests that are running the church. I can honestly say as many of them as St. Michael’s has had, I have never had a bad priest that I didn’t enjoy being around or that I haven’t enjoyed hearing their message.


As I have dated a girl, Georganna, the past year, I’ve had several opportunities to visit her Methodist church in Alexander City. This church is also great and Brother Wayne Cowhick is absolutely great with his message every week. But this church is very different from my normal comfort zone at St. Michael’s. There is a lot of singing with a live band and it is more loose and casual compared to the Catholic Church. And although I do enjoy the message, I am not as comfortable with that the praise singing as much as I am with hymnals.

I have also gotten a chance to visit my grandparent’s small town church in Keener, Alabama. It is Southern Baptist to the core. The people there are old school and country but they sure are great, fantastic people.There are around 40 members that show up every week and the preacher is great, the choir is great and it is a great place to worship. One thing I am not always comfortable with is the people there since I do not know them as well. And I am not used going every Wednesday night, Sunday morning, and Sunday night. Here at my Catholic Church we only go Sunday morning.

Every time I go to other churches that aren’t mine, I view it as a challenge. Not because it is hard to go to those churches, but because it is out of my comfort zone. At my Catholic Church, we aren’t as social and we aren’t as casual as the other two I occasionally visit. I have some friends at the Catholic Church, but it is so big with over 1500 members that it’s almost impossible to know everyone. So when I visit these churches, I try to get involved in the services as much as I can and try to get out of my comfort zone.

Just because you grew up in a certain church, don’t feel obligated to be apart of that church for the rest of your life. Before you get confirmed or baptized in a church, make sure you venture out and find what denomination fits best for you. Get out of your comfort zone.

I say get out of your comfort zone because how can you know what church is best for you if you don’t venture out all of your options? I have been to many churches and visited several times to get a feel of it, and I can honestly say that when I was confirmed in the Catholic Church, I made the right choice. That is the church for me. At the end of the day, we all worship the same God and our savior is Jesus Christ, but finding the right church that you can learn the most in and that you feel is the best fit for you personally is vital for your growth in faith and your relationship with God. Find the church for you.


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